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‘The lips of Wisdom are closed, except to the ears of Understanding.’  
Hermetic aphorism. 


Monthly Coaching Package


Monthly coaching is intended to help you through your entire first draft, no matter any troublesome issue(s) holding you back. These services accommodate all talent levels, from beginners confused over how to start, to experienced writers struggling with small details, character development, world-building, or much more.

This plan provides you with the necessary skills and confidence needed to reach the peak while having a coach by your side for as long as you deem necessary.

Some of what you will get:

  • Four (4) 1-hr video conference coaching calls (1 per week)

  • In-line editing comments & Editorial Letter (if necessary)

  • Email / Marco Polo video support (during business hours) 

  • Examining your story’s critical writing elements (POV issues, character development, etc.)

  • Package can be renewed for as many months as needed

Investing in a coach is an investment in you, your ideas, pages, and writing. There is no better way to receive professional, objective opinions concerning your project. 

Though tough to admit, regardless of how often you reread your pages, seeing your own work clearly is impossible. Your intimate insight blocks you from solving any issues because they become invisible to you.  


* We do not work in Google Docs or any other format other than Word.

* There is a standard manuscript formatting. No exceptions. All project work must be submitted according to standard manuscript formatting, which averages to about 250 words per page and requires the following specifications: 

  • Letter-sized paper 

  • Times New Roman font

  • 12-point font size 

  • Double-spaced text

  • One-inch margins

Image by Artem Maltsev
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