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My latest YA Fantasy release, Book 1 of The Ruinous Curse, is now available in ebook and paperback versions.

TRC Final-ebook cover.jpg

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Barrett of Westmore may be a prince, but he's just like any other teenager. He spends time with his friends exploring their city, a haven for fairies, cyclops, talking doors, and other magical beings. He hopes to get closer to the lovely Zanora, whose fighting spirit has captured his heart. Unfortunately, foretold war may put those ambitions on hold.

The coming battle is no ordinary fight. Even if Barrett's countrymen defeat the forces of the ancient sorceress Alesta, her Ruinous Curse will condemn them to an endless cycle of violence, forcing humanity to wipe itself out. As invasion forces march on Westmore, the kingdom's only hope is the Helserian, prophesied ages ago to defeat Alesta. As for the rumors the prince is the chosen one—Barrett thinks they're impossible. He's a fighter, not a magic user.

Until the day assassins attack, awakening a power the prince didn't know he possessed. Aided by Zanora and his friends, he must now face ancient dragons and cave-dwelling Trowkens to acquire the tools needed to master his magic and confront the sorceress. Then he'll face an impossible task: force Alesta to lift the curse, or destroy her if she refuses. For if he fails, he'll watch helplessly as his world tears itself apart.

Book 2 of The Ruinous Curse : Apadora Rising!

TRC2 Final eBook Cover.jpg

Currently only available in eBook format. Print version coming very soon! 

After saving the western lands from the wicked sorceress Alesta, Prince Barrett and his companions return to a grieving Westmore. The king is dead, leaving the prince his sole heir. But just before the young wizard is crowned, the power-hungry Bureau of Mystical Affairs intervenes to usurp his throne.


The Bureau outlaws magic, declaring Barrett and his company enemies of the people. As the friends prepare to flee, Alesta’s ghostlike vision appears, begging for rescue from Apadora, who holds her captive in the Outerworld.


Confined for ages in a magical prison, Apadora personifies the heart of wickedness. Unfortunately, her escape is closer than imagined, placing Mundanes in grave danger. Even now many forces, including Barrett and company, race to find the key which could free the ancient sorceress. 


Orphaned, homeless, and hunted, the exiled prince must choose between reclaiming his kingdom or restraining the evil tide poised to sweep across the western lands.

Two new horror short-story releases are available ! I am excited to present: What Have You Done & The Knife.

WHYD_CVR_Final copy.jpg

Charlie and Sarah have been tormented for years. Fortunately, the end is at hand. Or is it? 


The siblings may have stopped the monstrosity from returning but soon discover their decisions have forced them into a burgeoning web of lies, deceit, and murder. 


Will impulsive choices free them or drag the pair closer to places where even evil fears to tread?

Cover JPEG.jpg

Bonnie is going mad. To remain sane and rid herself of the wicked voice commanding her, she must kill again. She cannot stop until she is released.


Ultimately, will her freedom come with too high a price or will she succumb to the unending need for death?

Stay tuned for more upcoming works. Nov. 2023 will bring a spine-tingling Horror short-story collection. Thank you for your support!

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