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Every journey has a beginning— a Source of it all.

Having a free 30-minute Source Call is a great way to ensure both coach and writer are a good fit for your project.

It allows both of us to check for that invisible little element referred to as ‘vibes’—that lets us know if we will work well together.

It's also where we dig into your writing goals—the part we love most.

Schedule a call today. 

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"My book idea had been sitting for nearly 10 years when I finally found the courage to work with a coach. I was so happy to work with Mark. He has a supportive, yet no-nonsense approach that tells you how it is. That quality gives you confidence to get to the finish line.

In the end, I was amazed to see the entire book take shape. Mark's thoughtful and pointed questions encouraged me to think deeper about the entire project. I have no hesitation in recommending Mark to any writer. Thanks, Mark, for the push I needed and the faith in me as a writer!"

        -Caroline Malloy / Historian / PhD 

Caroline Malloy
Laura Engelhardt

“Mark has amazing insight — not just into what’s working & what isn’t in your manuscript, but also about social media marketing and the indie publishing industry. He’s encouraging, honest, and responsive.”
Laura Engelhardt
Author of ‘Fifth Mage War Series’

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