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Editing Options & Add-on Services



The Sounding Board /

 $50 USD per hour 

Plagued by the proverbial writer’s block? Need an experienced opinion on which direction to take your writing next? Maybe you need to discuss new ideas or work through existing ones? No matter your writing issue, I can help. Schedule a call today. (30 minute minimum) Just a few topics writers chat about:

  • Submission ideas/plans 

  • Develop new/existing book ideas

  • Basics of getting started

  • Finding your reader

  • Moving past a certain scene or chapter

  • Character development, world building, and more.

Manuscript Evaluation: 

  • Pricing is $.016 per word (8,000 word minimum.) Includes:

  • full manuscript read

  • 3-5 page report which includes: big picture issues (plot, voice, POV, character, language) that should be addressed in revision. 

Full Developmental Edit

  • Pricing is $.02 per word

  • Developmental edits include: 

  • A read of your partial or full manuscript.

  • Inline comments and a comprehensive editorial letter. 

  • Suggestions cover multiple subjects from use of language to voice, plot, and character. 

  • One (2) 45-minute call to discuss additional questions/issues once you’ve had time to review my edit letter and inline notes. 


Query Critique : I will help you tighten and strengthen your query. 

  • One pass: $60 

  • Three passes with brainstorming session (30-minute Zoom/phone call): $175


Query Package Critique

  • I can also look at your first 25 pages, plus give you three rounds of revisions on your query: $500.

  • Important Note: If I review your pitch package and believe it is not ready for querying, we will discuss alternatives. This may include suggesting additional beta readers, a full manuscript critique, or a revision plan.

Synopsis Critique

  • Writers dread writing a synopsis. But some agents and editors require them and they’re extremely helpful for seeing the big-picture. 

  • Let me help you make sure it contains all the right plot and character details.

  • $.10 per word ($50 for a 500-word synopsis, $75 for 750 words, etc.)

Important Note for all extras:

There is a standard manuscript formatting. No exceptions. All project work must be submitted according to standard manuscript formatting, which averages to about 250 words per page and requires the following specifications: 

  • Letter-sized paper 

  • Times New Roman font

  • 12-point font size 

  • Double-spaced text

  • One-inch margins

Not sure what you need? Let's chat! Use the link below to schedule a FREE Source Call. 

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