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What does a writing coach do? 

As a book coach, I help you craft your project with knowledge and confidence while guiding you through the development process from conception to the final word.

Coaches become a thinking, functioning, creative team with their author—a collaboration to help YOU! Imagine working with a partner that offers ideas, support, honest feedback, inspiration, and much more. Coaches:

  • clarify your process and increase your productivity

  • offer encouraging feedback

  • help you become the best writer you can be

  • are excellent sounding boards for ideas and concepts

  • help you develop a compelling story 

  • use brainstorming and problem-solving sessions to answer tough questions

  • give you writing confidence

  • help break through writer’s block

If you struggle with organization or putting your ideas into words, a writing coach can help. 

  • ​​Regardless what stage your project is in, if you seek an experienced opinion on any part of its development, coaches do that.

  • ​​If you feel your wording is flat and a little lifeless, a coach will offer suggestions to solve your problem areas. 

A talented coach has the ability to see your story as it is.

At Next Journey Books, my partner and I want to help bring your dream to reality. We have over 40 years' experience coaching clients from all walks of life toward realizing what’s possible, both personally and professionally. ​

It's time to get to know your coaches. Contact us today!

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What genres will Mark work with?

I am looking for fresh and original Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Horror but will consider any speculative fiction story with depth. I particularly enjoy reimagined folklore, fairytales, and historical fantasy 

 What genres will he not consider?

If you write picture books, Kid Lit, poetry, erotica, romance, non-fiction, or any genre I choose not to work with, I am happy to recommend one of my talented associates who do those types of projects.

Even though I generally do not consider Middle Grade projects, I would love to work on a strongly written story with a progressive plot line.

Witch Things


"After working with Mark, I can honestly say his advice and coaching made me a much better writer. He pointed out things no one else noticed. His guiding words are simple and easy to understand. If anyone wishes to become a skilled writer, I suggest starting here. I’m proud to say my writing skills have grown and the foundation of that growth was laid out by Mark."


Sourav Choudhury / Fantasy Author

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