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Are you an experienced writer stuck in your process, preparing to pitch an agent, or confused why your queries are being rejected?


Are you overwhelmed by choices and unsure which route to take—self-publishing, traditional, or hybrid? I can help! It's what I do.

No matter what scenario describes you best, or which part of the process you are currently in, I have you covered.

My specialties, and absolute favorites, are Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Horror. Though, I also carry a soft-spot for folklore and fairytale retellings. I work with all types of speculative fiction. 

Mark—my mentor and guide through this arduous process—your expertise and staunch dedication to nurturing my growth as a writer proved invaluable. Your wisdom, advice, and belief in my potential, have catalysed my evolution as an author. 


Sammy Jo Altman - Author of Love After Loss

Image by Anthony Ievlev
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