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Author Interview Series: Latoya C. Smith / Co-Founder ArtHouse Literary Agency / Agent / Editor

I could not be more pleased with this month’s special guest. Allow me to introduce Latoya C. Smith, Co-Founder of ArtHouse Literary Agency.

Latoya’s qualifications speak from themselves. Ranging from working with NYT best selling author Teri Woods (Terri Woods Publishing) to winning the Golden Apple for Agent of the Year and Literary Jewels Award for Editor of the year—both in 2017—she has accomplished so much in a short time.

Our discussion is of particular interest to writers preparing to query, actively querying, those being frustrated by the process, and much more.

Enjoy this look inside an agent’s world to see if your process is on the right track.

A final ‘food-for-thought’ note is—as Latoya says: ‘A slow yes is better than a fast no.’ (You have to love the truth in that little tidbit.) Ponder that after enjoying the video.

I sincerely hope you enjoy our discussion.

P.S. Please forgive the hosts coughing fits, since I am presently recovering from the flu.

Contact Mark here: Feel free to ask questions about the interview or connect with me concerning querying or other writing matters! Enjoy!

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