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Author Interview Series: Author R. E. Holding

Today we sit down with R. E. Holding for an indepth discussion about her novels, creation processes, and thoughts on writing. Enjoy!

Author Bio:

R.E. Holding was born in Iowa in 1979 and now lives in the hills of Missouri with her husband. When not writing, she is a full-time scientific project manager and soap artist who likes to cook, paint, draw, read, and learn.


Her interest in horror, science fiction, and fantasy goes way back to when she "accidentally" watched Poltergeist at age 5.  While fascinated by the spooky cinematography, her irrational fear of clowns persists to this day.

Interview Questions – 


1.    Tell us about your latest published work and give a brief synopsis.


My latest work is a work in progress. I believe it would be considered an urban fantasy. I have a few snappy premises, but here is one that encompasses the story:


Apathetic city-dweller, Loren Turtingas, is thrust into an age-old secret under the shadow of Mount Gehenna when pulled into his destiny as one of the most powerful Guild members known to the world.

(In work) Book Blurb

Note: (This is NOT complete. Also, the cover art is in progress.)

Loren Turtingas lacks ambition. Content with living in his stepfather's basement and perfectly fine with not rising to his sister Eva's level within Guild membership, he would rather study to become a low-ranking Law Roundsman.

When confronted with his apathetic worldview, he is sent against his will to Heart Island, host of the Guild program, and within eyeshot of the infamous and mysterious Mount Gehenna. It is in the program that fate introduces him to the beautiful and strange, Par Harea.

As he forges friendships and slowly acclimates to his new life, a bizarre incident forces him and his new friends to come to terms with the risk that comes with involvement in the program.


2.    Where do your title(s) come from? Do you play around with words, or do they just come from the story?


It was a little of both. I originally named the book after the world they lived in, but I realized I didn’t reference it enough to make it make sense. So, the current title is a cryptic reference to two story plots.


3.    In Reaper’s Gamble: As it Lay, your main characters are Loren and Paerli. How do the two interact throughout the story?


They are good friends while in the program and move to the same city after leaving the program. There is an uncanny bond between them that is explored later in the series.


4.    When did you know you wanted to pursue writing as more than a hobby?


I’ve always wanted to write—I started really young and even thought about going into journalism as my first major in college. I dumped it to be a scientist, but underneath, I’ve always still wanted to write. In 2023, I was unceremoniously laid off from my job, and while in between searching, I finished up an old story that was nagging me since I started it in 2021. Thus, my debut novel, Metaxysm, was created! I haven’t looked back since.


5.    What keeps you going when writing becomes a challenge?


I have a few writer communities that I like to socialize in—there are a lot of encouraging people out there (and a lot of not-so encouraging ones too). You just have to find your people to keep you motivated. Plus, if they’re not available, I just redirect and try a short story.


6.    How did you decide which genre to write?


I’m just drawn to horror, fantasy, and sci-fi. I think because growing up, I watched a lot of horror and dark fantasy movies, and I read a lot of Christopher Pike novels. As an adult, I’ve gotten more into sci-fi as well. Since I had a lot of experience with them, it seemed natural to me to write in these genres as well.


7.    What is your favorite part of the writing process?


It’s probably everyone else’s LEAST favorite, but I do like the editing process. I’m basically rereading my story and getting deeper into the world.


8.    Why do you love writing?


I’ve always loved creative arts. I tried exploring drawing and painting for a while, and while I’m not terrible at it, the image in my head is always so much more than what I see on paper. With writing, I am able to create that image with words, and much better than I can with a pencil or brush.


9.    Plotter, Pantser, or a combination of both? Explain your process.


I’m more of a combination—I started as a pantser, but I found myself struggling too often. I started planning with my last novella, and it made the process a little smoother. However, I do believe in the zero draft, which for me, is a little pantsing with a ghost of a plot to guide me.


10. What do you need to work on? (character development, plot, worldbuilding, etc?)


I have all these crazy ideas that I come up with and I try to shoehorn them into my plots. I think I need to do better in this area by just crafting a solid plot, then incorporating the crazy ideas.


11. What is your writing environment like? Do you write with a pen and paper or computer? Do you need quiet or play background music?


I usually write in my bed or in my living room. I work from home as my full time job, so my office isn’t the right feel for writing. I like to have some background noise, but it usually has to be music or ASMR.


12. If you could travel to any ‘dream’ destination in the world to write, where would it be?


I’m actually perfectly happy writing at home, or going to a small, non-corporate coffee shop for a change of scenery. I like creature comforts, so home is where I find those!


13. Are parts of your book(s) based on real life experiences or imagination?


I draw ideas from personal experiences and transform them into imagination. So, some scene might me something that happened in real life, just altered for the story.


14. Out of all your stories (or your current novel) who is your favorite character and why?


This may change, but currently my favorite character is Birdseed from my horror comedy novella Hillbilly Vamp. He’s kind of a jerk, but a nice jerk.


15. Which was the easiest character for you to write, good or evil?


Actually, evil characters are easier for me. I think I always like to find humanity in the bad, and usually I try to explore that in my evil characters.


16.  Is there a theme or idea you love to work with?


There’s nothing specific… sometimes my theme is born out of one of my own inner struggles. In Reaper’s Gamble book 1, the theme is about idleness and holding a grudge. I’ve been guilty of this in the past, but I’d like to think I’m past it now 😊


17. What are you working on now? Any interesting projects in the works you want your fans to know about?


Aside from working on the rest of the Reaper’s Gamble series, I have many other irons in the fire as well. I like to write short stories in between periods of writer’s block, and I will eventually release an anthology of these stories. Also, my debut novel, Metaxysm, has three different endings. I have decided to create 3 spin-off stories for each of those endings!


18. If you were to recommend a book to your best friend, which one would it be?


I always recommend Dune or Game of Thrones. For a smaller work, I recommend “The Resurrectionist” by E.B. Hudspeth. As far as I know, it’s the only thing he’s written.


19. Help your fans get to know you. Share a hobby or interest of yours and tell us a bit about it.


I actually like to make soap! I’ve been doing it since 2004, and I have a YouTube channel dedicated to soap making and book stuff, as well as a website.


Author Info and Links


Social Media:

·      Instagram: @r.e.holding

·      YouTube: @r.e.holding

·      Amazon:

·      Bookbub:


Book Links:

·      Debut novel, Metaxysm:

·      Hillbilly Vamp

·      Reaper’s Gamble:


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